Here are the Product Reviews I’ve done so far. These products were either purchased by me or given to me for review. All Product Reviews are UNBIASED & FAIR. I hope they help you. – D.

Product Review: ATH Sports Nutrition – 31 Muscle Recovery

Product Review: Submission Fight Co. – Hemp Sensation Rashguard

Product Review: MET-Rx BIG 100 COLOSSAL

Product Review: UNREAL™’s UNREAL 54™

Product Review: SCRAMBLE Spats

Product Review: Carioca (Ipanema Edition) Gi – CTRL Industries

Product Review: Eduardo Telles – Turtle Guard/Octopus Guard

Product Review: Josh Russell – The Turtle

Product Review: Saulo Ribeiro – Jiu-Jitsu Revolution

Special 2x Review: CLINCHGEAR Shorts & BJJHQ

Product Review: Rumina Sato Instructional

Product Review: Godzilla: Final Wars

Product Review: SPRAWL Fusion-S Grappling Shorts



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